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I'm Ben.



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Btw, this is non-canon for now. I'm still not sure how this is gonna work, but you know, gotta start from somewhere, so why not in the middle? 

Also, please comment below as to what y'all wanna read because I'm almost outta school and I need to flex my writing muscles. Also, notify me if there are grammar mistakes, please? And thank you. 


“Are you going to say good morning?” I ask, wearing a fake smile. I busy myself with adding eggs to the cupcake batter I'm making.

“...No.” He glares at me, seeing through my facade. I return to adding eggs to the batter.

“What is it with you and mornings?” I mutter under my breath.
He heard me. He grunts “There is no such thing as a good morning, only bad ones.”

“Only you would say that.” It is true. He can’t seem to see any good in this world. He acts more like a moody teenager than I do. But maybe it’s the lack of hormones in my body.

“Easy for you to say good morning, you haven’t lived for a kajillion years.”

Yep, it's definitely the lack of hormones in my body. You can’t get more resentful than Wrath.

“Well, I’m not you.” That too is also true. I’m only fourteen.

“I know, not all of us are interdimensional space demons. But give me a break. I dragged myself out of bed. I think I deserve a cookie.”

“Of course you do.” I roll my eyes. “But no cookies. Aunt Marilyn didn’t send us cookies so that you could eat them for getting your ass out of bed.”

“I like to think that she did.” He slyly tries to slip his hand into the cookie jar, thinking I wouldn’t notice. I do. I slap his hand.

“Come on, I think I should get a cookie for destroying an entire galax -” I shoot him a dirty look.“Yeesh. Okay. I’ll hold off for now.” He glances over my shoulder and sees the batter I’m mixing in a bowl. “What is it this time?”
Flour is splayed over the kitchen counter. He knows something’s up. I’ll admit, I’ve never been good at hiding my anxiety. If what I feel can even be called that. 

“Nothing.” I retort.

“Mmm, yeah, like I’m willing to believe that bājē kathā. We all know that you bake when you’re stressed.”

*Bājē kathā means bullshit in this case.

“I like to think it’s better to bake than to kill people.”

“You keep my hobbies out of this.”

“You keep your nose out of mine.” I counter, feeling good about the fact that I’ve managed to have a conversation with him for more than a few minutes without kicking him out of the room...yet.

“Something’s up. You’re baking purple cupcakes.” He eyes the cupcake tin on the stove top. “You’re having another operation today, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, it’s not like it’s been written in bold red marker on the calendar. ” I exasperatedly point towards the calendar across the kitchen.

He sighs. “You should be making breakfast. Not cupcakes. That’s more an afternoon thing.”

“That’s when the operation will be taking, dumbass.”

Wrath looks at me, staring deep into my eyes. I squirm. I mean, who wouldn’t when someone glares at them with creepy red eyes?

“Stop looking at me.” I push him away and focus my attention bake to mixing the batter.

“This’ll be the fourteenth one, wouldn’t it?”

“Sixteenth, actually. I didn’t expect you to keep count.”

“What’s it for?”

“They’ll be replacing my retina eyes with higher resolution ones. After the beatup two saptāha ago, I can’t see for shit in class.” I point to my eyes, which are suffering from a bad case of lazy eye.

*Saptāha means one week. A saptāha in this story is equivalent to 9 earth days.

“Anything else?” He doesn’t look convinced. I’m pretty sure it’s the lazy eye.

“They’ll be replacing the left side of my rib cage and will replace the flesh there with a substitute. Made of what, I don’t know. I suffer a lot of flesh decay because of the other parts I have, so I have to replace them before it mutates into some monstrosity.”

“You have to do all that?”

“Yeah, it’s a minor operation.”

“That’s minor?”


There’s an awkward silence. I can’t blame Wrath for not knowing. He’s busy destroying worlds with Chaos and whoever else who likes to get a kick out of mass destruction. He’s busy, and I’m lonely. He’s around, but he isn’t actually there. He’s far away, and I can’t reach him sometimes. I guess he just doesn’t want to be. I try not to leave the awkwardness to suffocate us, but it’s hard, even knowing that we’ve been best friends since forever, even though he’s well over nine thousand years old, even though we've been through it all together.

Almost all.

“Besides school’s in session in two weeks. I need to heal up by then.”

“Only to get beat up again.”

“Like the ancient poets used to say, it’s a pretty fucking vicious cycle.”

“I’ll be damned if old men who thought they knew everything swore back in the day.”

“I’m just creative with my language only because of a certain bad influence.” I nudge his side with my elbow. I proceed to place the cupcake liners into the tin.

“I’m not a bad influence.” He looks hurt.

“You’re not then. Maybe just cut with hooking up with random people and having one night stands in my room. My room still reeks of alcohol from last time.”

“I’ve been banned from every brothel and love motel in the city.”

“Just go to that planet two asteroid belts over, I think-”

“I’m banned there too.”

I sigh. The real question is, is there a place in the universe that Wrath hasn’t managed to fuck up? Honestly at this point, probably not. I pour the batter slowly into each liner.

I look at him squarely in the eye. Or as squarely as a guy with lazy eye can get. “You need to get out of that sad place you’re in. I am not ready to find another thong in my bedroom.”

“I know-” His voice cracks.

“You need to find someone.”

“I know-”

“Someone who’ll actually give a damn. Not someone you pick up from the bar.”

“I know.”

“There’s nothing wrong with that. Picking people up from bars.” I hesitate. I have to thoroughly think of what to say. “But you need to find someone who cares, who you love and who’ll love you back. You deserve that. You deserve more than what you give yourself. Every person deserves love.”

“I’m pretty sure interdimensional space demons don’t count as people.”

I smiled. “Fourteen-year-olds don’t count either, as far as I know.”

He smiled back. “Since when did you become a smart-aleck? You've always been too smart for your own good, but-” He reaches over and gingerly combs my scraggly hair with his fingers.  It’s been a while since he did that. He’d always do that before he sent me off to bed. "I never thought I'd hear you talk back at me, you know?"

“And you’ve always cared too much for your own good, too.”

“I know.”

He sighs. "How long has it been, Kai? You seem like an entirely different person. How long have I been gone?".

"Too long, Wrath," I say, barely above a whisper. "Far too long."

We both shuffle awkwardly in the kitchen. To avoid the elephant in the room, I change the subject. 

“We should try to set to set you up with someone.”

“You’re just trying to get rid of me again.” He paused. “Wait. We?”

“Me and Noori.”

“Please don’t bring your sister into this. She didn’t do anything.”

“But she’ll do anything to get you a date.” I wasn’t lying. Noor was itching to put her matchmaking skills from multitudes of tween magazines to work.

“But there’s already someone I like.”

“Oh really? Are you sure it’s not yourself?” He pulled this off before. He showed me his reflection in the mirror when I had asked him who he liked at the time. 

“Yeah, but I don’t think they’re into me.” He gives me a sad smile. Unrequited love is a killer. 

“Well, don’t be sad-” I start.

He recognizes what I’m trying to say. He tries to stop me.“Oh no, please, Kai-”

“Because sad spelt backwards-”

“Kai, please, I’ve heard this enough ti-” He pleads.

“ is das, and-” I grin like an idiot.


“Das not good!” The damage has been done.

“Fuck you, Kai.” He groans. I’ve drilled the quote into his brain, and he hates me for it.

“Funny coming from the guy who told me that in the first place. I was considering making it my yearbook quote.”

“Oh, my stars, Kai. I only told you that after you got lost in the market. If I knew you would spit it back to me almost every day, I would have never said it that day.” He pinches the bridge of his nose. He’s done with me.

I put the tin in the stove. I clean up, Wrath just stares into nothingness.

“Welp. That’s all for now.”

“What about breakfast?”

“That can wait, it’s only about nine in the morning. Everyone won’t wake up till thirteen. Besides, we have to go to Ranstone Square to do some errands. I used up the last of the eggs.”

*There are 26 hours in a day on this planet. 13 o’ clock is the equivalent of noon for us here.

“Ugh, do we have to?”

“Yeah, we need fresh air. Besides, it's about damn time that we talked.”



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